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The Pizza Oven Shop

The Pizza Oven Shop is the place where you can buy affordable wood fired pizza ovens capable of making great tasting home-made stone baked pizzas in your garden.

Our superb stone baked pizza ovens are constructed so that they do not require any installation at all which means that you can literally take your new wood fired pizza oven out of the box and fire it up…it really is that simple! What’s more, we have kept it very competitively priced so that most people can now afford to enjoy the amazing experience of cooking their own pizzas outside.

For just £149.99 you can buy our most popular oven kit, which includes a fabulous clay wood-fired pizza oven, a cast iron stand, a 22” pizza peel (for getting your pizza in and out of the oven), a 48cm embers rake (for managing the embers in the oven), a 12” pizza serving bat (for serving you pizza onto ready for cutting) and an all-weather cover (to protect your oven from the rain). This kit gives you everything you’ll need to cook amazing pizzas, especially if you use the pizza dough and pizza topping recipes which can also be found on our website.

Because our pizza ovens bring you a true stone baked pizza experience at a very affordable price, you can now totally change the way you entertain your friends and your family in your garden or on your balcony. Just imagine…the days of barbeques with burnt sausages and dry burgers will be long-gone…instead, all you’ll need to do is prepare the raw ingredients and leave your friends to enjoy the experience of constructing and cooking their own pizzas from start to finish, whilst you enjoy a glass of wine or a cold that’s entertaining at its best!

All our pizza ovens are very versatile and can be used for far more than just cooking pizzas. What about cooking fajitas inside the oven and baking fresh wraps on the outer top of the oven? Or perhaps you could try cheesy garlic pizza bread with sticky ribs all cooked in the pizza oven? One thing’s for sure, whatever you fancy cooking, you’ll find that a wood fired pizza oven from will become your very best friend when you have friends coming round for a bite to eat.

Are you struggling to buy a wedding present, birthday present or even a Christmas present for someone special? Instead of trying too hard, just ask yourself...have they got a pizza oven? If the answer is no, then your problems are solved!!

Our website should give you all the information you need about owning and using one of these fantastic ‘must have’ garden accessories which are selling very quickly during the summer season. So go on...take the plunge and change the way you barbeque forever! Click on to find out more.

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