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Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services and cleaning driveways, patios and paving with impressive results removing dirt, black mould and green algae etc from all types of surfaces. See the before and after pressure washing above.

If you’ve found us searching for “Pressure washing services near me” then please read on for more information on what we can do for you.

Driveways - Driveways can be in block paving, tarmac and cobbles etc. Many will have oil and rust stains which are removed during the cleaning process.

Patios - Patios come in many forms from Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone etc and even years of dirt and stains can be lifted effortlessly.

Paving - Paving has few limitations and soiling varies from surface to surface with different solutions removing even years of dirt.

Concrete - Concrete, although being very robust is susceptible to algae and other airborne stains. As with other surfaces, they can be cleaned and treated to repel future staining.

Indian Sandstone - Indian Sandstone varies in quality depending on the region it is quarried. This is reflected in the density of stone, the cleaning necessary and treatment after pressure washing and cleaning.

Porcelain - Porcelain is an extremely hard wearing product that allows green algae to settle but can easily be removed.

Travertine - Travertine is one of the softer types of stone, normally sealed when fitted and softer pressure washing is needed for a perfect result.

Bath stone - Bath Stone again is one of the softer stone types and responds well to pressure washing and cleaning. Some erosion affects bath stone but is easily repaired once the stone is clean.

Brickwork - Brickwork, either vertical or horizontal responds well to pressure washing as does the jointing. Carbon deposits can also be cleaned after the pressure washing and cleaning has been completed, together with other cleaning solutions.

Decking - Decking normally has a chemical release applied prior to cleaning and must be approached with a lower pressure. The effect is surprisingly good when carried out correctly and it's also advisable to re treat when dry.

Fencing - Fencing is cleaned much the same as decking with lower pressures being applied. Anti algae solutions remove much of what attaches to fencing with only minimal pressure washing and cleaning necessary.

Stonework - Stonework is normally older than other surfaces, however, responds well to cleaning and because of the density lasts many years before further cleaning is needed. The results on stone are dramatic, removing decades of soiling that has attached itself to both the stone and jointing.

Resin drives - Resin drives, although heralded as a modern day solution to replace many types of paving requires just as much cleaning as other surfaces. It's honeycomb structure will attract the same dirt particles as block paving etc, but also attracts moss and seeds that will germinate unless removed routinely.

Block paving - Block Paving is regarded as one of the stronger types structurally, which also suffers from oil stains and suchlike but responds well to our pressure washing services. Often block paving sand should be replaced to retain the full strength of the pavers.

Tarmac - Tarmac is an open core surface which although in nature has a resilient coating, does attract dirt, algae and moss. Easily cleaned and can be recoated to give many years of life.


There are 3 types of block paving to be aware of and different treatments

Concrete (most popular)

Can be pressure washed, chemically treated and should be refilled with sand after pressure washing but not always necessary!


Can be pressure washed, chemically treated and should be refilled with sand after pressure washing but not always necessary!


Can be pressure washed, chemically treated and should be refilled with a ‘permeable grit’ (to allow free draining of water) after pressure washing but isn't always necessary, however filling with sand is ‘definitely not’ recommended.

Most pressure washing and cleaning is achieved simply by using our high volume pressure washer with varying nozzles, depending on what needs to be cleaned as all surfaces are different, particularly for example when working with wood such as fencing and decking. The more delicate the surface, the softer the pressure washing services need to be applied.

Often, a chemical will be needed to ‘release’ the worst of stains, such as blackspot and green algae sometimes prior to pressure washing or depending on the level of staining this is also applied after. 

We can also successfully remove rust stains which might have occurred from garden furniture and garden tools being left over a period of time, causing bright orange marks that pressure washing alone doesn’t remove. The surfaces are left ‘as new’ without showing any tell-tale marks.

Similarly, mortar stains and salts can be removed with the aid of chemicals. These are harmless when cleaned off with water and are totally removed.

There are numerous types of stone and paving that we can restore, replacing jointing that has eroded or become loose over the years.

The methods are traditional with much use of sand and cement, grout or mortar where a colour and texture match is important. This will retain its authentic original appearance albeit much cleaner.

If a sealant is appropriate we will recommend this depending on the surface type, whether it’s for floors or walls and wherever pressure washing and surface cleaning is necessary.

We offer free quotations and will explain how our pressure washing services differ from basic jet washing and how to maintain the surface after we complete work for you. Contact us for a free survey and quotation.

This picture shows how 'softwashing' on more delicate surfaces that will clean over a period of time without jet washing.

Soft Washing

Soft Wash is a safe and effective way to clean exterior surfaces such as K Rend which is not a hard surface, also block paving where you don't want to disturb the sand joints and then having to refill them, the same goes for decorative stonework which has to be treated carefully. In fact most exterior surfaces would benefit from this method and in particular cleaning roofs full of moss and algae that has to be removed, where copious amount of water should be avoided.

it's an ideal way of cleaning, albeit over a more extended time than immediate pressure washing.

Pressure washing and cleaning play areas

Play areas are a prime candidate for the use of hot pressure washing where not only is it important to clean the surfaces, but also to effectively remove the harmful bacteria that forms over a period of time.

There are numerous areas around the home where pressure washing is of great benefit such as:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Driveways
  • Block paving
  • Resin drives
  • Patterned concrete
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Concrete

And numerous Commercial pressure washing services such as:

  • Car parks
  • Steel cladding
  • Historic buildings
  • Pavements
  • Buildings

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