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Re pointing to stonework, brickwork, patios and paving for all walls and floors from period properties to present day homes, both domestic and commercial.

Our headline above describes what we're able to do for you whatever type of stonework, brickwork, patios and paving you have, both exterior and interior. Many of our repointing jobs will be completed after thorough cleaning and preparation of  the joints to ensure that a strong and resilient bond is created.

We identify your original pointing

The same type of jointing is applied to both walls and floors and a colour match is made to provide a blend to your original jointing.

The term 'pointing' or 'jointing' as it is often referred to, is the horizontal and vertical cement between the bricks or stone that provides a weatherproof barrier against the elements.

We eliminate any problem areas

When this breaks down, water and damp move into and behind the face of the wall, finding ever deeper capillaries where ultimately severe damage is caused. Once inside the walls, it's hard to resolve other than removing plaster internally and injecting damp proofing to cure the problem at the very least.

If caught early enough professional re pointing will combat the affects of water ingress effectively, however, if left for any length of time untreated will result in major repair work needed to rectify the problem.

From experience we find solutions

There are many types of mortar that have been used over hundreds of years and many of these will have been sometimes with ash, normally a waste material, that was part of a mortar mix providing a darker joint and sometimes lime depending on the period which resulted in a lighter mix.

The mortars were highly effective for their purpose and have lasted sometimes for centuries without showing signs of defect or wear, but as with most things in construction they only have a limited life span before some TLC is required to bring them back into good order.

Modern pointing or jointing has changed over time and 'mortar plasticiser' was introduced with brands such as 'Febmix' which is used to provide a smoother and more manageable mortar for our modern day 'cement mixes'.

These newer additives replaced the need for lime, which although producing an excellent mix, were produced in bulk or in modern times packed in heavy bags, which were cumbersome and left a margin of error from one operative to another, perhaps not mixing the correct ratio of sand, cement and lime consistently.

Used as instructed, mortar plasticisers are a great additive and make bricklaying and stonework easy to perform with the mixes and in particular re pointing mixes staying workable and strong. As with all mortars and cement, when mixed in the correct ratio they will last many years without any problem whatsoever.

Our solutions are permanent

Differing shades will often occur as sand sourced from around the country will be quarried or dredged from sea beds, resulting in smooth or coarse mortars depending on their origin. There is also a noticeable colour difference from one type of sand to another.

Fortunately we can colour match to each original mortar as required and also with additives built in to the mortar making it as strong as possible, this allows us to finish the joint with a tooled or raked joint as your original.

The re pointing is only a part of bringing 'old' up to a pleasing and fully resilient finish and we can also rectify damaged or defective brick work and stone work at the same time as re pointing.

Multiple Re Pointing Colour Choices


Light Grey

Dark Grey


Light Sandstone

Brick Red

Dark Brown


visuals courtesy of Eurobrick

More colour options are available

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