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Gardeners (near me) in Newport and Cardiff for all garden maintenance such as grass cutting and feeding, trimming and pruning to maintaining gardens in good order throughout the year.

From January through to December we offer advice and help with all gardening services from lawns trimmed on a regular basis or even as a one off, to general garden care such as weeding, hedge trimming and maintenance needed to keep your garden in good order.

We can visit weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for most work or alternatively we can give you an overall cost to complete any job whether it’s large or small at a time to suit you.

All work is scheduled to suit your needs and can be programmed for regular attention to keep your garden in good order throughout the year or if you prefer you can contact us as needed. If you’ve been searching for ‘gardeners near me’ in Newport and Cardiff areas then we’ll be able to visit promptly for a free quotation 

There is a broad range of gardening services that we can offer including new lawns, fencing and other types of landscaping work that you might be considering. We are happy to offer you a fixed quotation for any project large or small.

Our range of services also includes weed control, patio cleaning and the removal of any algae, black spot or lichen to paving and walls. These unsightly finishes can be removed easily and effectively.

An overview of our services:

We are available from 8.00am Mon-Sat (January to December)

Grass cutting

Whatever size lawn you have we can keep it looking in its best condition by regularly cutting it to its best length, then feeding and seeding to promote good growth and stop it from drying out or losing colour. This can be carried out all year weather permitting.

Hedge trimming

Hedges and shrubs will improve with the correct amount of trimming that not only strengthens and improves the growth, but encourages future vitality to retain colour and shape. 

Lawn care

Lawns need feeding to promote healthy weed free growth, improve in strength and deep colour, this we encourage with good organic feeds that inject life into the life of any lawn.

New turf

We supply and fit new turf which can be laid throughout the year, is an excellent quality which will take up growth immediately after laying. This can be laid throughout the year.


We erect many different types of fencing such as feather edge, narrow lattice style and ‘Florence style’ (which is double sided), providing an attractive finish on both sides. We can supply and fit any style of fencing from 300mm to 1800mm and more.

Please contact us for our full range.


Our decking ranges are in treated, composite or hardwood which can be fitted low level or elevated to any height. All our decking comes with a sturdy sub-frame which is securely concreted into the ground for strength.


With a selection of over 50 types of patio there is a style and texture for every garden. Our garden services include all digging out, removal of waste and construction of a strong and durable sub-base. We then complete all patios laying paving on a strong mortar bed before completing with weather proof jointing. This is standard for all patios.


Your border areas can be maintained or altered to suit your needs and soil enriched for healthier plant growth. All weeding is completed thoroughly and we can then feed the soil for improved growth.


Seasonal planting is carried out as required. We can suggest planting plans or will work to any requirements you have and will always suggest the prime positions for new or existing plants.


Weeding is usually last on most gardeners list, however our approach is that it is a necessity for the continued growth of healthy and vibrant plants, which is why we treat weeding as one of our priority tasks.

Tree cutting

Tree cutting is carried out in a specific way for every occasion and depending on your needs to improve or remove any species we cut accordingly.

Troublesome tree problems? Contact us for advice.


Every tree, plant or shrub has a ‘best results’ method that we can advise on. Each pruning job is treated individually and carried out in the most sympathetic way.

Pressure washing

Most surfaces can benefit from pressure washing to remove unsightly stains on paving, patios, decking and a multitude of other surfaces. Also available is the new method of 'soft washing' applying solutions that gently remove lichen and algae over time without the need to use forceful remedies.


The above is just a brief description of our services as gardeners (near me) with every job completed as promised and all rubbish removed on completion.

For more information or a free appraisal from your local gardeners please contact us for a no obligation quotation at any time.

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