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Artificial grass - 'hardwearing and durable'.

• No watering 
• No mowing
• No more mud
• No grass stains
• Clean for pets
• Clean for children
• Easy to maintain

No need to let it dry out after raining, so you can use it straight away for barbecues, children to play on and always stays clean.

Normally fitted within 1 - 2 days and ready to use immediately for any purpose.Can be laid over existing gardens, decking, patios, roof terraces and hard to mow spaces.

Great for instant use, no messing, no fuss.

Artificial grass is good for toddlers play areas and is clean, safe and totally durable for all seasons:


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Artificial grass in a garden setting

Why would we fit Artificial Grass?

Convenience, cleanliness, no maintenance, it's hardwearing and durable for all the family. It's free draining so much cleaner with pets and easy to keep clean.

The surprising thing about an artificial lawn is that shortly after rainfall it can be used without getting wet! This is possible because of the unique way that it drains and any moisture that would otherwise be present on real grass, drains away quite rapidly.

Busy Mums will testify to this as it's great to let your children play outside, when they might otherwise have to stay off real grass for hours or even days after rain. And no mucky feet into the bargain, this is a win-win and no cleaning up after messy toddlers.

This doesn't mean that the grown ups miss out either as I myself can testify when we've had barbecues ready and had to put them off even after it stops raining because of the chaos it causes with grass sodden with water. This doesn't happen with artificial grass.

Another huge bonus is how clean it stays even after your pets 'do what they do' which can be cleaned and hosed to keep it hygienically clean which can be a nightmare on a real lawn where the smells are hard to mask but not with artificial lawns, these can be cleaned immediately leaving just a clean smooth lawn.

Where can artificial grass be fitted

Often the assumption is that a 'fake lawn' as it's sometimes referred to, is laid over your existing grass, which is definitely not true.

To give an example installation, it would be something like this:

  • Take off your existing lawn completely with a spade or similar.
  • Remove a minimum of 100mm of soil from below the lawn (sometimes more if the ground is still soft underneath).
  • Compact ground to flatten the surface.
  • If ground is holding water, introduce drainage.
  • Fill the area with graded stone dust (not sand) and compact with a vibrating plate until level and flat.
  • Lay weed suppressant membrane and join any overlapping seams.
  • Lay artificial grass (fixing at perimeters) and join widths greater than 4 metres, with appropriate jointing solution, laying in the same pile direction.
  • Spread kiln dried sand to the entire area and brush lightly but evenly to stabilise the surface to prevent any rucking or movement.

So you can see by the installation that there's more to it than meets the eye and why the drainage is so good that it's usable even after rain. What's more it isn't affected by the sun and doesn't get warm.

It can be used like any other lawn for all types of sports without worrying about there being any appreciable wear for a good number of years.

If you want to plant trees, bushes or plants at any time after an installation, all you have to do is cut through the surface and plant as normal, sometimes adding a little topsoil for smaller flowers.

This makes planning a landscaping setting so much easier instead of planting first and then having to work around obstacles such as flower beds, ponds or any other features in the garden. You can even construct a complete play area over your new lawn without worrying about any mess at all.

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