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Our barbecues come in a multitude of designs for either stand alone units or or we can build in to brickwork, stone or similar materials.

We now have an extremely lightweight composite material that we can build to any shape or design that is superb on decking and timber balconies. These we tile on completion to give a truly mediterranean look and feel and because of their composition retain warmth on seating areas, are strong, rot proof and require no maintenance.

Our build designs are adaptable to a standard setting or are particularly suited to high rise apartments where weight would have been an issue, but as they're so light and stand on a non fixed base (also tiled), are perfectly acceptable as 'non permanent' by landlords and owners. (Email for more info).

Should you vacate an apartment or property they can be removed.

All our designs are set into modular units or we can build bespoke to suit your garden, balcony or patio setting incorporating prep areas and seating in brick, stone, tile or wood.

In fact any mix of these is possible.

Below are pictures of barbecues that we have built, one that incorporates a grill area, prep areas and seating all rolled into one. This we can build in brick, or composite material, with tiles.

As an alternative to a grill fired by coals we can arrange for a built in gas barbecue, you could even have both! The combinations are endless.

Venting is quite straight forward if you want to take any smoke away from the cooking area and we can advise on the best types of wood, coal and gas set up to fire your meals.

If you're not building on to an existing base or patio, we will create a foundation to take any size structure and weight. This ensures that your barbecue will last many years and can be added to at any time.

If you want to make a purchase of your own cooking facility, we can build this into a modular design or build an individual design large or small for you. This can be a stand alone cooking and entertainment area or we'll build a canopy over the bbq for use in any weather.

Traditional barbecues

The materials that we build with can range from brick, block, stone, oil drums, used sinks, old steel cabinets and virtually anything that is fire retardant and durable.

An alternative would be in a fire pit which brings in another collection of possibilities to explore which in itself opens up any number of construction possibilities that needn't be conventional in any way!

As the year progresses we'll explore more ideas for you to use and release them in our newsletter together with any offers that become available.

If you're considering something like this for your garden, balcony or a setting that we can adapt our ideas to please get in touch and you never know, it might cost a lot less than you might think!

For more information or a free design please contact us.

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