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I think everyone enjoys water features, maybe it’s because of those childhood experiences and the fascination with ponds, streams and running water!

Many of us will have dropped pebbles in water and watch the ever decreasing circles as the momentum falls away or throwing twigs into running water watching as it slowly drifts away downstream or follow leaves floating gently towards another place.

Indeed, the mesmerising affect that water features produce is quite hypnotic and peaceful, so much so, that we can easily forget time passing by and just sit and listen to nature at its most calming.

Many, if not all, of the scenarios above can be recreated, be it a landscaped pond complete with complimentary planting and  stocked with fish or a meandering stream with occasional stones set mid flow to produce enough disturbance to remind you of the affect this has on water.

Nothing has to be formal and a stream could even follow a very offset path, much like a mature and naturally changing course. The choices are endless.

If a grand and formal cascade from a contemporary setting is required then anything is possible.

Achieving this is simply, with water, a pond pump and any number of additional distractions like a waterfall, cascading water or the splendour of a fountain. 

All are based on the same principle of water, a pump, and a setting, that’s pleasing to both look at and listen to. There are little or no restrictions to water features and once in place they mature beautifully as plants grow and wildlife is attracted to the setting.

Maintenance is at a minimum for the majority of water features and over the years will give countless hours of enjoyment. 

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