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Garden rooms

Ideal garden rooms are fully insulated, warm and comfortable buildings having all the facilities that you could have ‘inside’ the home, but situated in an attractive garden setting. 

The biggest difference is that it’s all self contained giving you your own space and privacy if needed, or to open up into a garden setting, a home from home with all the benefits of comfort, space and security in the setting of your choice.

The majority of our garden rooms are in the style of ‘shepherd huts’ that have a very warm and romantic air about them which not only look attractive outside, but because of their solidly built and curved roof structure are amazingly strong yet still incredibly cosy inside.

This is far removed from the conventional pitched roof which is by no means as appealing as the very stylish shepherd huts. Most will have seen shepherd huts on a wheeled base for travelling (as they were originally) and moving around on camping sites, but can just as easily be erected on a fixed base making it the ideal garden room.

Whatever space you have, we can erect your choice of dwelling with single doors, French doors or sliding doors for you to enjoy indoors and outdoors both at the same time.

One of our surveyors are always available to discuss the many options for your new garden room in the setting of your choice, fully fitted and ready to enjoy.

These beautiful self contained units have a double wall structure with a weatherproof exterior and decorated durable interior so they’re ready to use from day one.

All you need to do is settle in with your WiFi connected and enjoy.

Styles of garden room

These are some of the uses that people already enjoy…

 • Garden office which has become more popular in recent years allowing you to work from home and give you immediate access to your own personalised office space. This frees up travelling to and from a remote place of work, nil travelling time, which can be utilised as part of your working day and the cost savings of transport, fuel and expenses.

 • Gym, which can be kitted out as you require allowing you to personalise your routines without having to wait for shared equipment. There's also the satisfaction of  knowing that it can be used as many times per day as you wish with no additional fees to pay, that would always increase year on year.

 • Sewing room where all your craft supplies are set out in a personalised space, without worrying about having to search through cupboards and draws that are often shared with others. Reels, ribbons, patterns and machines set out in an orderly fashion, possibly with cutting table and manakins given ample space.

 • Studio to be personalised without interruptions, giving you space and solitude to create music, paint or be creative and flow. Garden rooms are your ideal choice.

 • Workshop or salon set to suit your needs or convenient for clients to call in to a purpose fitted environment. Everything at your fingertips, just the way you want kept safe and secure within your own living environment.

 • A Reading room is another example of having your own space built with large windows and door openings to take in as much as possible of the day's sunlight as possible. Constructed in a landscape setting of your choice.

 • Student pad set up as an overflow room with sleeping space and if large enough with additional shower and bathroom facility. Acting as a self contained study and sleeping quarter.

 • Working from home for some, is the ideal scenario and having your own garden room gives you the ideal opportunity to create the ideal work/life balance of being close to your office but also close to's a win-win situation!

We can create the perfect setting for your garden room, if you have the space and even if you think you haven't, we'll create it. All you need is the footprint for your garden room as there's little more than stepping stones needed to take you from your back door and stepping into your new home addition.

We'll take care of the planning, building and finishing, all in one package and as several sizes are available from the range to choose from. Sizes vary from comfortable to spacious and are fully insulated, so that you can enjoy 365 days a year.

Everything is delivered to site and constructed 'on the spot' so to speak with double glazing, integral heating to which you can add wifi, electrics and all the home comforts or fittings that take your fancy. And of course you have an extra room for visiting family, friends and guests.

Just a handful of examples, however, the uses are 'limitless'.  

Call us today or email to arrange your FREE ‘no obligation’ survey and explore the endless opportunities for your new garden room.

We’ll even create the perfect setting for your new garden room or Shepherd hut.

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