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Garden Walls

Garden walls can be broken down into many different types and probably no two walls are the same, particularly in a landscaping setting. Let's explore the many variations there are and how they are built.

Brick walls

Brick walls or face brickwork as it's sometimes known comes in as many sizes and shapes as you like, many matching in with the existing property or stand alone structures that 'end' a boundary, divide two gardens or support something where a decorative form of brickwork is preferred.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can be both functional and serve a specific purpose in a landscaping setting.

There are few limitations to the size and height as they form the smallest of walls to the largest of structures built.

in a garden setting garden walls usually are finished in a 'brick on edge' style that requires no 'capping' but instead the brick 'finish' is an integral part of the wall itself. In every case a foundation will be required which is wider than the wall and by how much would be calculated prior to construction.

The foundation is as important as the wall itself but undoubtedly never seen, but without it the garden wall would not exist.

Stone Walls

Prior to the mass production of bricks, stone would have been used to both build houses and to provide a 'border' in the form of a garden wall. The art of stonework is fading away slowly however there are still true artisans and skilled craftsmen and women who are able to produce amazing pieces of work, all with uncut raw stone.

it truly is an art form to see a beautiful stone walls crafted from a selection of 'rubble' and transform it into a work of art. Although not being used extensively throughout the building industry, there are pockets of the UK that retain the natural beauty of stone as commonplace in house building, but even more so, to build garden walls for the person willing to spend a little more for quality.


Often, there is a need to construct a garden wall who's appearance would have you believe it's solid brick but is in fact concrete or block built with a facing of brickwork to appear 'just brick'.

The most common found in retaining walls where huge structures can be formed, reinforced with steel running through it's body, then finished in brick to give the appearance of a complete brick structure of pure brick.

Once bonded, the brick becomes part of an integral facade that creates the perfect picture, creating garden walls of stature and size.

Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are a fairly new idea and is basically a cage filled with stone, brick or similar to create a heavy, unmovable wall that can be used as a retaining wall or simply as an attractive garden wall that serves as a 'barrier' to divide areas or as a boundary to define borders.

Always laid dry, this acts as much like a dry stone wall albeit in a cage for strength and finality as one of the stronger style structures used in construction.

No great skills are required except a keen eye for aesthetics and an ability to form repetitive accuracy throughout the construction.

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