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Drainage is the most functional part of any landscaping project and without it many aspects would fail to perform over any period of time.

Not surprisingly, alarm bells start to ring when you have blocked drains or a collapsed drains occurs and there’s a need to repair and have to make good to driveways, lawns, paths and patios etc.

Fortunately our experience allows us to reinstate original landscaping, gardens and driveways to blend in seamlessly after repairing damaged drainage.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in the position of having to carry out emergency repairs to blocked drains or collapsed drains, we can advise, cost and complete the work quickly and efficiently with good response times.

Commonly the two types of drainage are ‘storm water’ which runs off roofs, gutters, patios and drives and is regarded as clear water and the other type which is ‘foul water’, that comes from toilets, bathrooms and showers.

Both types have their own separate systems and are taken away to main sewers ‘after’ they leave your boundary.

Visibly there will be inspection chambers known commonly as manholes, where access can normally be gained to free any blockages, otherwise there is a need to physically ‘dig out’ the problem and carry out repairs to replace damaged or collapsed pipes, allowing free drainage.

The lesser known type of drain is a ‘soak away’ which as the name suggests allows ‘clean storm water only’ to dissipate where no other means of dispersing water is possible.

Without confusing the whole picture there are other types of drainage which we refer to as ‘cesspit’ but basically all laying and connections are basically the same, taking storm water or foul water away from your property successfully.

While we carry out landscaping work the correct type of drainage is always connected but if you would like advice on your current connections or any issues arising please email us or phone for further help. 

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