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Searches for ‘Landscaping services in my area‘ find one of our most popular pages for Landscaping and hopefully I’ll be able to give you as much information as possible and outling what we provide for our customers.

The majority of our enquiries start with an email, where you can give a brief description of what you want, it’s easy to do and after you click on the email link a form will appear on screen for you to fill in with your details. You’ll receive a message to acknowledge it’s been received and you’ll be contacted asap.

Alternatively you can always call, or text if it’s more convenient and we’ll arrange a convenient time to call out to view any prospective work. There’s no obligation and we simply look at ideas and costs to see if what you want is viable. If there are any alternatives or we can make adjustments to meet your budget then these can be discussed to create a plan.

At this point we’ll have a picture or an idea of what is wanted and will have narrowed it down to a basic plan in principle.

From here a drawing is made which is scaled to the size of your garden, showing all the things we have discussed with the actual sizes so you can visualise how it will appear when completed. An overall cost is worked out and you then have time to decide if any alterations need to be made and you’re happy to proceed. 

So at this stage we’ve taken it from your initial request, landscaping services in my area, to the stage where all your ideas have been discussed, we have a plan and you know how much it will cost. We’re now at the point where if everyone is happy to proceed and we can plan a date to start work.

All of the above is free of charge.


Before starting, we would normally have a skip delivered for any waste and arranged for delivery of materials so that everything is to hand and conveniently placed for our work. We are aware that access will be needed at all times and we respect neighbouring properties, keeping the area clean and tidy at all times.

Any digging, or removal of soil is done at the beginning and cleaned up so that everybody can then move freely, keeping movement around the work, free flowing and as clean as possible.

The early stages of the landscaping will see us producing the outline and any foundational work completed before the building, or the visible construction takes place. The bigger picture will start to unfold as we continue from our foundational work and any additions can be discussed as we proceed through our plan.

As with most garden landscaping the weather plays an important part, but doesn’t necessarily halt our work and often we can work around rainy days with only the extreme cold weather delaying us, where the temperature falls to a degree that affects mortar for brickwork and the laying of paving etc.

Other than that we rarely experience downtime working between the hours of 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday. The weekends are usually days off, giving us chance to recharge the batteries for another week‘s landscaping and for our clients to have a rest-bite from us builders, our mixers and machines for 48 hrs.

As we’re nearing completion, the majority of landscaping will draw to a close with turf or artificial grass being laid towards the end and jointing finished on any patios and brickwork. This allows us time to clean as we go, leaving your new landscaping in a pristine condition ready for you to take full advantage of your new garden setting. 

If we’re completing a new driveway or block paving for you, we follow the same procedure, with all the finishing touches being completed so that it remains spotlessly clean before the site is fully cleared of any waste into the skip for collection.

It only remains then to walk around the completed work offering suggestions for maintenance and upkeep over the coming months to keep your new garden setting or completed driveway, looking as good as new for many years.

Before, during and after the whole process we will have taken photos to record our work and with your permission use these to advise prospective clients on the transformation that can be made to their own gardens. This helps future clients to visualise what can be achieved and the different materials available either in a garden setting or driveway needing a makeover.

I trust that from your initial request for Landscaping Sevices (in my area) many of your questions will have been answered, but if you have anything else that we can help with please email, call or text at any time.

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